It’s the moment you have been waiting for!!! The Season 2 Finale!

Angel and Gazza’s dating season has come to an end and we’re pretty sure you won’t believe how things went down. But one thing you can be certain of, is that Angel and Gazza love each other and will always make the choices that are best for them.

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THEME SONG: Everything by Mar

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Mar’s Music:

Mermaid and The Lion Mix by Duke Mix Da Trak

Duke’s IG:

Duke’s Services:


Pressure by SiMaya and Produced by Xavier Martin

SiMaya’s Music:

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Xavier Martin’s IG:


The Neurologist was played by SMax

Gazza’s mother and father were played by themselves

Angel’s mother was played by herself

Angel and Gazza played themselves

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the production of this series. See you next season!

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