Real Love. True Love. Is it all that it’s cracked up to be? Social media and the history of the “white picket fence” taints our view of what love and marriage really is supposed to be. All relationships are not created equal. Getting Married in the 21st century isn’t easy mostly because there are so many options. How do you even choose? And once you’ve made the choice, what keeps you together? In reality we may put too much weight on our partner’s ability to make us happy. But is it really their responsibility anyway? The Mermaid and The Lion doesn’t spend time sugar coating the ups and downs of trying to be in a successful relationship. Listen in to see if we can figure out what it takes to create a lasting love.

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No means No! -Lion Lesson

This week Angel and Gazza talk about annoying habits in relationships. Gazza was happy to expound on his pet peeve and Angel decided to meet his energy! 

A Hot Mess- Lion Lesson

Angel is super tired so her commentary is in rare form. They talk about Quokka Marsupials, beaver anal excretions, and potentially half human cats. 

He Drives a Bucket- Lion Lesson

Angel and Gazza give updates about their projects and respond to a letter. A girl is dating a cheap guy with an unreliable car. Gazza’s answer is selfish as usual. Tune into hear his perspective….

I Can’t Fight but I Can Spit- Lion Lessons

Welcome to Lion Lessons!!! Our off season bonus episodes where Gazza answers messages from our listeners and the conversation hops all over the place. This week Gazza responds to the young lady who sent in…