Real Love. True Love. Is it all that it’s cracked up to be? Social media and the history of the “white picket fence” taints our view of what love and marriage really is supposed to be. All relationships are not created equal. Getting Married in the 21st century isn’t easy mostly because there are so many options. How do you even choose? And once you’ve made the choice, what keeps you together? In reality we may put too much weight on our partner’s ability to make us happy. But is it really their responsibility anyway? The Mermaid and The Lion doesn’t spend time sugar coating the ups and downs of trying to be in a successful relationship. Listen in to see if we can figure out what it takes to create a lasting love.

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Merry Christmas! You are a Gift!

Welcome to this fire bonus episode where Angel discusses “you are the gift” in more detail. Learn a different perspective and hopefully you will walk away encouraged.

2020 Wrap Up- Not an Audio Drama Episode

Hello Everyone!!! We’ve made it to the end of the year!!! Gazza and Angel reveal their 2021 plans… well most of them lol. They also shout out their favorite pods while pushing each other’s buttons as  normal. 

Gender Roles and Hygiene- Sharing Marriage Exposed (Bonus)

Hello! As many of you know we have a conversational podcast called Marriage Exposed which is available exclusively on Patreon.  

Today we share some clips from a couple episodes. And talk a little trash in between. Of course!

 Take a listen and then join our Patreon!!!!

LION LESSONS- A Sticky Situation and Pickles 20211

Lion Lessons is Back!!!!!!!! Gazza answers would you rather questions and answers letters sent in by you. 

In this first Lion Lesson of 2021, Gazza responds to a young lady who wants to break up  with her boyfriend but can’t afford to move out from him. 

First Impression-ERICA IS BACK *Bonus Episode*

Written by Daisy Cal better known as Ms. D

Erica is pleasantly surprised by a gentleman at the bar. Some guys know exactly what to do to make that fire first impression. Listen to Laz and Erica take the first step in getting to know each other.

The Rewind- First Impressions

Angel and Gazza discuss the content of First Impressions. They debate what was on Erica’s and Laz’s minds. And of course the shenanigans and tangents ensue.  Make sure you listen.

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I Love You Gazza

Angel secretly decides to make an appreciation episode where she takes the time to tell Gazza how much she loves him. Yeah, she gets a bit preachy but it all comes from a good place!

Looks like a Cheater – Lion Lessons 20212

Lion lessons has returned with a little mushiness and Gazza doesn’t answer the question submitted you ou. QUESTION Can you tell if a woman will cheat  just by looking at  her? I know right! Join…

She’s faking an Orgy! Bonus*

Angel and Gazza are back from an unexpected break. Angel’s podcast- Durty Talk silently hit a milestone and Angel asks Gazza questions from her previous survey.

Things get spicy when they start talking about sex and they wonder if they’ve gone a little too far in telling their business.

Getting Musty Real Quick- Lion Lessons 20213

Angel and Gazza have an epic failure in trying to keep it short… as usual. 

Tune in to hear 5 sweet couple’s questions; which is followed by Gazza giving his advice to one of the stinkiest letters we’ve ever received.

I’m telling you these advice letters are LIT!!!

Safety- Love Week: Bonus 3

It’s Day 3 of Love Week!! Make sure you catch up on Days 1 and 2. Angel and Gazza are having daily love chats and reciting affirmations. Day 3 is all about Safety in relationships. Gazza explains what being safe in a relationship means to him and Angel describes how safety is beyond the physical for her.  There are also a couple interruptions and funny interactions. Make sure to take a listen as love week continues!

Reciprocity- Love Week: Bonus 4

Ok! We all have our love languages and it’s important that we know them. It’s also important that we learn the language of love for our partners. Angel and Gazza discuss what love looks like for them and the difficulties of loving our partners the way they need it.  

In addition to this talk, it goes down the normal rabbit hole landing on oral sex and Cancer slander. But all is made well with the affirmation of the day before Gazza dries to make everything crazy all over again!  

Vulnerability- Love Week: Bonus 5

So we’re gonna be honest, we weren’t in the best space when recorded this episode. We were disagreeing on what vulnerability looked like, what was offensive,  and fighting irrational insecurities. We were our most authentic selves by not holding back on the raw emotion that arose during this session. Vulnerability looks different in every environment but it is necessary to establish trust. 

Distractions: Love Week: BONUS 6

Love Week is coming to an end with only 1 more episode left! But today Angel and Gazza start discussing how to friendships when you are in a committed relationship and how important it is to maintain your individuality. And then— Angel didn’t want to talk about that anymore. It was time to remind Gazza that it was love week!😍

Resiliency- End of Love Week: Bonus 7

Make sure to listen to all 7 Bonus Episodes from Love Week. 

In this final episode of the series, Angel and Gazza discuss how important it is to invest in your relationship so that you can bounce back from anything. Relationships are worth the effort if you want love for the rest of your life.  

Yo Daddy is Nasty

Angel and Gazza discuss one of their most interesting questions ever. Basically, what would you do if your mother in law or father in law made a pass at you. You have to listen!!!

Oops! We Forgot- Lion Lesson

TRIGGER Warning! Discussion of Sexual Misconduct.

Well guys, we dropped the ball. We totally forgot to post the episode last night so here we are! 

In this episode we talk about why we forgot to record, we give an update to the Perverted Dad Story which led to a pretty unexpectedly deep conversation.