Real Love. True Love. Is it all that it’s cracked up to be? Social media and the history of the “white picket fence” taints our view of what love and marriage really is supposed to be. All relationships are not created equal. Getting Married in the 21st century isn’t easy mostly because there are so many options. How do you even choose? And once you’ve made the choice, what keeps you together? In reality we may put too much weight on our partner’s ability to make us happy. But is it really their responsibility anyway? The Mermaid and The Lion doesn’t spend time sugar coating the ups and downs of trying to be in a successful relationship. Listen in to see if we can figure out what it takes to create a lasting love.

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The Rewind 10- Season Finale Recap

Angel and Gazza celebrate the end of their first season with thank yous, reading reviews and talking about their relationship. Of course their shenanigans are over the top because of flies, tatas, and pure randomness.

Boycotting Sex – Lion Lesson 2

This was supposed to be a Minisode but Angel and Gazza Talk too much! They open up with would you rather questions and transition to answering a question from one of their followers. 

Does Alcohol Enhance Sex? – Tempting Tuesday 3

Of course, Angel asks Gazza the Tempting Tuesday question which is… “Does Alcohol enhance sex?  You can probably guess Gazza’s answer but you won’t believe what he is about to ask you guys to help him understand!!!!

Like a Virgin – Lion Lessons 3

Angel has a question from a listener for Gazza. Please believe he doesn’t disappoint. This letter is from a listener who wants to know the best way to go about losing your virginity. Tune in to hear Gazza’s unverified advice because you are sure to be entertained.

One Minute Man – Tempting Tuesdays 4

This time on Tempting Tuesdays, Angel hits Gazza with a question he didn’t expect and she wasn’t a big fan of his answer. 
So, the question is, What’s your favorite part about a quickie? Tune in for the tomfoolery and a good time. 

Penis Problems – Lion Lessons 4

Join Angel and Gazza as they go through would you rather questions. Then, per usual, Gazza will wildly answer an advice question sent in from a listener. Yeah, you guessed it, she wants help with a penis she’s seen. Angel and Gazza also randomly recount a bear encounter. Make sure you tune in for the laughs! Please take a moment to rate and leave a review!!! We appreciate you guys!!!

Noisy Erections- Tempting Tuesday 5

Gazza shares what noise he would like his erections to make. Per usual, his answer was crazy as you’d imagine. This all stems from a question Angel found on Smoke and Mirrors Uncut Podcast

Sacrificing Freedom for Love- Lion Lessons 5

Of course Angel and Gazza kick it off with the would you rather questions. Then they dive into an advice question sent in. This listener is concerned with losing their freedom in exchange for being in a relationship. Tune in to see if you agree with what Gazza has to say. 

Trouble Trouble – Final Lion Lesson

This is the last Lion Lesson before the season 2 premiere. Of course there’s would you rather questions and this time they’re sexy!!Angel and Gazza aren’t quite getting along this episode and Gazza is trying to change that. The question this week is from a male listener who wants to know if it is ok to tell his girl she could learn a thing or two from his ex. SEASON 2 – The Dating SeasonTuesday, SEPTEMBER 22nd, 2020

Season 2 Trailer- The Dating Season

Season 2 is coming on Tuesday, September 22nd, 2020. 
Listen to this trailer to get a glimpse at what’s coming next. 
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Happenstance- Season 2 Premiere!!!!!!

Angel and Gazza are enjoying one another, but Gazza feels things are moving quicker than he would like. Angel is more go with the flow, but Gazza wants to control how they are integrating their lives. Tune in to see how it all plays out!

Season 2: The Rewind- Happenstance

It’s the first recap of the season and of course Angel and Gazza are up to their normal antics. The shout out everyone who brought this episode to life and discuss some behind the scenes moments including Gazza’s mom wanting more lines.

Key to My Heart- S2E2

Now that Gazza has accepted Angel as part of his life, Gazza sets up a dinner date with his friend Rob and girlfriend Erica.

The Rewind SE3- Party Party Party

Gazza and Angel give a reminder about their give away US residents only.  The also talk through the episode and Angel gets mad at the Lindsay situation all over again. Tune in for the Tomfoolery!!!