Real Love. True Love. Is it all that it’s cracked up to be? Social media and the history of the “white picket fence” taints our view of what love and marriage really is supposed to be. All relationships are not created equal. Getting Married in the 21st century isn’t easy mostly because there are so many options. How do you even choose? And once you’ve made the choice, what keeps you together? In reality we may put too much weight on our partner’s ability to make us happy. But is it really their responsibility anyway? The Mermaid and The Lion doesn’t spend time sugar coating the ups and downs of trying to be in a successful relationship. Listen in to see if we can figure out what it takes to create a lasting love.

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First Impression-ERICA IS BACK *Bonus Episode*

Written by Daisy Cal better known as Ms. D

Erica is pleasantly surprised by a gentleman at the bar. Some guys know exactly what to do to make that fire first impression. Listen to Laz and Erica take the first step in getting to know each other.

The Newlywed Season New Theme Song

We are excited to share our new theme song for season three- The Newlywed Season. It is our honor to present to some and introduce to others, Envizion a blind independent R&B artist who creates…

Season 3 Trailer- The Newlyweds

Angel and Gazza are back with another season that sounds better than ever. Tune into season 3 to learn about their Newlywed journey! This season will run twice a week for 13 weeks bringing minisodes full of emotion and raw truth.

The Wedding Morning- Ep 1 Season 3 Premiere

In this premiere episode it is their wedding morning and they working through the jitters of deciding to get married so quickly. If you haven’t listened to season 2 we highly recommend you do so or at least listen to the season 2 finale. “Just Like That”.

The Wedding Day- S3 Ep 2

The wedding day continues! Angel and Gazza are working out the kinks to make it to the alter, but it is definitely a labor of love. In these short quick hours, they were able figure it out, but were they suppressing red flags? Tune in to listen to how everything turned out.

THE REWIND- Episodes 1&2

We are excited to bring you episode rewinds every week as we discuss the story behind the story, what inspired the episode, and how we still feel today about certain things!!!

Marital Bliss- S3 E6

The first day of being married is coming to an end for Angel and Gazza. Now they are working through a couple realities while still basking in the idea of being newly married. They really should be honeymooners after all.

Day 2- S3 Ep 8

Angel and Gazza spend their second day of being married doing what newly married people do.  Yeah, there’s a couple twists and turns in there like addressing how they feel about getting married at the courthouse.