Real Love. True Love. Is it all that it’s cracked up to be? Social media and the history of the “white picket fence” taints our view of what love and marriage really is supposed to be. All relationships are not created equal. Getting Married in the 21st century isn’t easy mostly because there are so many options. How do you even choose? And once you’ve made the choice, what keeps you together? In reality we may put too much weight on our partner’s ability to make us happy. But is it really their responsibility anyway? The Mermaid and The Lion doesn’t spend time sugar coating the ups and downs of trying to be in a successful relationship. Listen in to see if we can figure out what it takes to create a lasting love.

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Official Trailer

The Mermaid and the Lion is a scripted audio drama about two imperfect people who are working on perfecting their love for one another. All relationships are not created equal and no one has the…

He Wasn’t Ready – S1E1

  *FOR MATURE AUDIENCES- 18+*Gazza is a just a young single guy living his best life. He’s already met some of his life goals and is looking to enjoy the success. Along the way, he…

Single and Honest – S1E2

LISTEN TO EPISODE 1 FIRST- He Wasn’t Ready After breaking up with Kamora, Gazza is back to being a bachelor and dating without commitment. Even though he has been clear in communicating he’s not ready…

Got That Old Thing Back — S1E3

Mature Audiences Only 18+ (Sexual Content) It is HIGHLY recommended that you start from Episode 1 if you are just starting this series. Gazza catches up with an old flame. Serena (Miss Mel) was in…

I’ve Seen an Angel — S1E4

Please Listen to Previous Episodes 1-3. This is a sequential story. MATURE AUDIENCES 18+ Angel is just coming out of a situationship and would like to wallow in her discontent. Fortunately, her cousin Anthony is…

I Wanna Know You – S1E5

Start from the beginning or at least episode 3 for your best listening experience!!! It’s the day after meeting and Angel reaches out to Gazza to chat. Meanwhile, Gazza is at home tying up lose…

Keeping It Casual – S1E6

In this episode Angel and Gazza are dealing with their personal lives and reflect on what they really want out of a relationship. When they see each other again, will they still be interested?

Hot in Here – S1E7

Angel spends the night over Gazza’s house for the first time and it was nothing like either of them expected. Is tonight the night they finally get physical?  Tune in to hear how it all turns out!

Mermaid Mess- S1E8

Angel gives Gazza a little history behind what made her the woman she is today. She takes him through a montage of her life from childhood to this very moment.

No Relationship Required – S1E9

MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY 18+ We advise that you start from the beginning to get the full story Angel and Gazza have a couple of firsts in their relationship. They both are questioning if the other…

Season 2 Trailer- The Dating Season

Season 2 is coming on Tuesday, September 22nd, 2020. 
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Happenstance- Season 2 Premiere!!!!!!

Angel and Gazza are enjoying one another, but Gazza feels things are moving quicker than he would like. Angel is more go with the flow, but Gazza wants to control how they are integrating their lives. Tune in to see how it all plays out!

Key to My Heart- S2E2

Now that Gazza has accepted Angel as part of his life, Gazza sets up a dinner date with his friend Rob and girlfriend Erica.

Pros and Cons- S2 E5

Angel gets exciting news but is soon met with an unexpected turn of events. Due to all of the potential changes of being with Angel, Gazza has to decide if he wants to stick it out or move on. 

Want Me for Me- S2E6

This episode is all about Erica and Rob. They have been on a rocky road lately and they are meeting up to discuss the future of their relationship. 

Happy Birthday Angel- S2E7

Angel is nervous about her licensing exam and doesn’t notice that Gazza is going through a tough time.  Gazza helps Angel celebrate her birthday with her family.  They have a mini heart to heart. 

Just Like That- Season 2 Finale !!!

Angel and Gazza’s dating season has come to an end and we’re pretty sure you won’t believe how things went down. But one thing you can be certain of, is that Angel and Gazza love each other and will always make the choices that are best for them.