The Mermaid and the Lion – Audio Drama, Podcast

The Mermaid and the Lion is a scripted podcast audio drama about two imperfect people who are working on perfecting their love for one another. All relationships are not created equal and no one has the right to determine if your situation is toxic but you. Staying married forever is almost an anomaly; and those who make it have a very dirty story to tell.

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Marital Bliss- S3 E6

The first day of being married is coming to an end for Angel and Gazza. Now they are working through a couple realities while still basking in the idea of being newly married. They really should be honeymooners after all. Read More

THE REWIND- Episodes 1&2

We are excited to bring you episode rewinds every week as we discuss the story behind the story, what inspired the episode, and how we still feel today about certain things!!! Read More


Gazza and Angel are just an average married couple that's had relationship struggles that they created by not listening, not communicating, being selfish and a host of other things. But what they have learned is there is a way to make it through the struggle if you put in the work. They still aren't perfect but they are willing to share what they have experienced in hopes that someone with avoid the mistakes they have made along the way.


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      The Durty Mermaid, Podcaster, and Creative Spirit

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