Lion Lessons!!!!
Of course Angel and Gazza kick it off with the would you rather questions. Then they dive into an advice question sent in. This listener is concerned with losing their freedom in exchange for being in a relationship. Tune in to see if you agree with what Gazza has to say.

SEASON 2 LAUNCHING SEPTEMBER 22 make sure you catch up on season 1.

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!!!!!Special Announcements!!!!!! Yep, we have multiple announcements all in this episode. Wondering what they are? Nope! We’re not going to tell you here. If you want to know you gotta listen!

In addition to these exciting and exclusive announcements, Gazza shares what noise he would like his erections to make. Per usual, his answer was crazy as you’d imagine. This all stems from a question Angel found on Smoke and Mirrors Uncut Podcast – . Make sure you check them out!

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Join Angel and Gazza as they go through would you rather questions. Then, per usual, Gazza will wildly answer an advice question sent in from a listener. Yeah, you guessed it, she wants help with a penis she’s seen.

Angel and Gazza also randomly recount a bear encounter. Make sure you tune in for the laughs!

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It’s time for Lion Lessons!!!
As usual, Angel has a question from a listener for Gazza. Please believe he doesn’t disappoint. This letter is from a listener who wants to know the best way to go about losing your virginity. Tune in to hear Gazza’s unverified advice because you are sure to be entertained.

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Angel and Gazza y’all about how they feel about season 2 of The Mermaid and The Lion. They also talk about the Season 3 premier of Angel’s other podcast ( on Wednesday, August 26th, 2020.

Of course, Angel asks Gazza the Tempting Tuesday question which is… “Does Alcohol enhance sex?  You can probably guess Gazza’s answer but you won’t believe what he is about to ask you guys to help him understand!!!!

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Lion Lessons!!!!!

This was supposed to be a Minisode but Angel and Gazza Talk too much! They open up with would you rather questions and transition to answering a question from one of their followers.

Basically, she wants to know if it’s cool to boycott sex with her husband. You dont want to miss Gazza’s response!!!

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Angel and Gazza are all over the place in this Minisode. They give an update on the audio drama, of course WAP slips in the conversation, and Gazza answers another one of Angel’s sex questions.

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Lion Lessons is where Gazza gives advice (really just his opinion) on questions submitted by our listeners. He answers questions about health and relationships and it ends up being pure comedy.

This week he answers a question about finding a partner to do ALL of the cooking and cleaning. He also gives a basic health tip on how to get started. Tune in for a few laughs and opinions you never asked for!!

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Off Season Minisode!!! TEMPTING TUESDAYS

To keep you entertained while they are preparing season 2, Angel and Gazza will be delivering conversational minisodes for your listening pleasure.

Every Tuesday, Angel will ask Gazza random sex questions from her IG page . He never knows the question ahead of time which leads to lots of laughs.

In this episode, Angel asks Gazza what is the one place he will not lick. Of course Gazza is candid honest and maybe even a little controversial. Tune into this short and fun ride.

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