Durty Sheets Series

Hello All, I’m here to tell you a very short story of one moment of passion between two people who are very much in love. On this night, a young woman is yearning to take the first step in empowering her sexuality with her man. He has recently mentioned that he’d like her to be more… expressive and adventurous in the bedroom.  he’s even taken the time to teach her best way to please him with her mouth, which is something she’s always been afraid to do. She understands that You never really know what is on your partner’s mind. Even as you feel totally in tune with them, there is always that possibility that you guys could fall out of alignment. In reality, you are just one decision or argument away from it all ending. That’s why she chooses to give her all to her man at every moment, without any regrets.

She desires to be as close him as possible, fully embodying his essence mentally, spiritually, and definitely physically. As long as he is the man that she desires, she makes it her goal to cater to him. And he’s undeniably worthy because he has made it a point to be the scholar of her soul. She appreciates every effort he makes to keep her desire high and tonight she will reward him.

You see every genuine word he speaks increases her heart beat, every promise that he keeps feeds her arousal. She has been transformed into his temptress and he will receive his recompense.

She takes the short journey from the restroom to their bed and finds him resting with his locks lazily laying across his face. As she moves closer, she starts to feel disappointed because she thinks he may be sleeping. But she remembers that sleep should not keep someone from receiving their just due. She redirects her focus from his face and settles on bulge that has carried her bliss without failure time and time again. It needed to be kissed. It needed to feel the warmth of her soft lips tantalizing its peak then carefully descending just a bit so she could take the tip of her tongue gently flick his most sensitive location. She is satisfied when she hears the “oh! Fuck!” escape his lips.

“Hello baby she laughs, then continues to tease his manhood with sweet kisses and determined licks. Her joy in pleasing him is so consuming that she doesn’t notice his movement. Before she is able to fully understand he has her on her back with her hands pinned above her head and slobber running down her chin.

She knew this was coming but wished it wasn’t so soon. She knew his dominant nature would overpower him and this idea of her leading their dance wouldn’t last. But She wanted to show him that she’d learned every lesson he’d taught, and it seemed that he’d seen enough. But she needed his affirmation, she needed to know she’d done a good job. Just as she was gaining the confidence to ask, he spoke, “I had to stop you. I didn’t want to come in your mouth tonight.” There it was. Proof that she could take him to the same heights that she experienced every time he touched her.  This time was no exception.

As he kept her hands pinned above her head he lightly kissed her forehead, no, lips, chin, and groan before kissing the swell of her breasts. It was getting harder for her to control her hips. If he didn’t stop the kisses she was going to start begging. You know what fuck it she thought. “I want to feel you” she whined.

He ignored her and continued the kissed to the top of her mound. He paused and blew on her causing the moisture that was gathering between her legs to cool and further tantalize her. That was it. “Please, I want to feel you in me” she begged. She chuckled for a moment as if he was deciding if he should torture or not. Thank goodness, tonight was a night of mercy and rewards. He looked into eyes and commanded, “Don’t Move” before letting go of her hands. She obeyed and he answered her plea my melting into the ecstasy that awaited them both.



3 Sets Per Exercise @ 10-15 Reps. Let’s Gooooo!

Hey People,

I’m going to go ahead and say what needs to be said…

We all want what we want!

Stop trying to deny it. We all want to believe we are living for the good of our fellow man, and for the most part that is true. But how quickly those lines become blurred when we add falling in love to the equation.

Our humble nature goes out the window and our focus becomes about knowing “our” worth and finding a partner that meets “our” expectations. Then, when we ask a potential partner what they are looking for, we rarely take the time to reflect on if we can actually deliver- LONG TERM.

So, does love actually bring out the selfishness in us or do we just need to be more self-aware?

Drop a comment with your thoughts on the issue.


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One major thing I’ve learned in my several years of training is learning how my body responds and adapts to change overtime with my nutrition plans and workout regimens. I’ve had to fail reaching my goals multiple times to learn what works for ME, and what does not. We can all work the same workout or nutrition plan and have completely different results. Genetics plays a huge role here. You have to remember that you are unique, and unlike anyone else; so don’t compare yourself to anyone if you want the best results for you. Be consistent, learn how to stay motivated, try new things, attain knowledge, and mostly, be patient. .

Last but not least, listen to your body! It will tell you what you need, and when you need it. This is important when you start understanding nutritional timing, eating frequency, and rest and recovery periods. .

No one knows you like you do!!! Let’s get it!

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Women and Weights

Women Muscular Back








You can lose weight without working out by using Juice cleanses and extreme dieting. This seems to be what many women are doing. What you need to remember is that fat loves an inactive body. The weight lost in dieting, has a much greater chance of returning.

What should you do to avoid this? Well, you can’t always avoid it, but building muscle is your best defense against gaining fat. Muscle burns fat. The more muscle you have, the more fat you can lose and/or keep at bay.

So why are women so afraid to build muscle?
The number one reason I often hear is ‘I don’t want to look too bulky or muscular’.

Okay, maybe that could happen if you were hitting the gym 4-5 days a week, lifting heavy, and being consistent with several years strength training; then yeah, you’ll probably look very muscular or bulky Lol. Especially, if relatively low body fat is involved.

Look, it’s not easy for men to build muscle and it’s even harder for women. Women, produce a lot less testosterone than men so building muscle won’t be easy. Also, building muscle comes at a much higher cost than it is to lose fat but it’s completely worth it.

Here’s my suggestion if you’re concerned about looking too muscular. Perform two strength training sessions per week for 45 mins. This could be weighted training, yoga, Pilates etc. At very least, become strong enough to lift and hold your own body weight. You won’t look like that girl in the pic unless that’s your goal. Trust me, it would have to be your goal because it’s not easy to look like a female power lifter or bodybuilder.

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